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Principal Howard Green (Character)
from "Dawson's Creek" (1998)

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"Dawson's Creek: Like a Virgin (#3.1)" (1999)
Principal Green: Good morning, I'm Principal Green. Welcome to the new school year. Like all of you, in my junior year of high school, I had a new principal. My first day back, he stood before us and imparted some honest and touching words, words which were ment to usher into what he called one of the best years of our lives. This is not that speach. We live in a different time. You children are living and thinking like people twice your age, and why shouldn't you? The rites of passage which onced marked growing up are all but extinct. In short, I'm onto you people. I'm one step ahead of you, for example, like that gentleman in the fifth row who's talking while I'm making a speach. Please stand, sir.
Pacey Witter: Me?
Principal Green: What's your name, sir?
Pacey Witter: [sarcastic] I don't you supposed you'd accept 'Che Guevara', would you?
Principal Green: Probally not.
Pacey Witter: Pacey Witter.
Principal Green: Mr. Witter, I'd like to applaud you for being the first student at Capeside who behaves like one. It is my hope that you all some day will act as such. Be a free thinker. Reclaim your youth, live, learn, screw up. Keep up the good work, Mr. Witter. Oh and by the way, I'll see you on Saturday... for detention!