Sunny von Blow
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Sunny von Blow (Character)
from Reversal of Fortune (1990)

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Reversal of Fortune (1990)
Sunny von Bülow: [narrating] I never woke from this coma, and I never will. I am what doctors call "persistent vegetative" - a vegetable. According to medical experts, I could stay like this for a very long time - brain dead, body better than ever.

Claus von Bülow: Oh, I've been meaning to mention. Our understanding about... my extracurricular activities...
Sunny von Bülow: Mmm?
Claus von Bülow: I've been involved with someone who... falls outside the parameters of our agreement.

Sunny von Bülow: Well, just because she had all the money before I had all the money does not mean she is my lord and master.
Claus von Bülow: 'Course not. I am your lord and master.
[Sunny glares at him]
Claus von Bülow: Just kidding.

Sunny von Bülow: [narrating] Claus von Bülow was given a second trial, and acquitted on both counts. This is all you can know, all you can be told. When you get where I am, you will know the rest.

Claus von Bülow: Oh, come on, Sunny, your father worked! Do you want the children to grow up thinking a male's place is in a deck chair?
Sunny von Bülow: Claus, you marry me for my money then you demand to work! You're the prince of perversion!

Sunny von Bülow: [narrating] Looking at him now, the issue seems simple: is he the Devil? If so, can the Devil get justice?

Sunny von Bülow: [to Claus] You marry me for my money, then you want to work. You're the prince of perversion.

Sunny von Bülow: I'm thinking of redecorating this whole fucking house!

Sunny von Bülow: Say something! Do something! Be a man! I already have a butler!