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Quotes for
Buurman Neuteboom (Character)
from Flodder (1986)

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Flodder (1986)
Dochter Kees: [smiling] Hello!
Buurman Neuteboom: Oh... good afternoon.
Dochter Kees: I saw you arriving, so I thought: Let's get to know eachother.
Buurman Neuteboom: Well... that is very kind.
Dochter Kees: [looking at the flowers] For your wife?
Buurman Neuteboom: Yes.
Dochter Kees: [sniffing the flowers] Mmmm, smells very good!
Buurman Neuteboom: By the way, what is your name?
Dochter Kees: Kees, just like my brother.
Buurman Neuteboom: You... don't look like your brother.
Dochter Kees: Fortunately not.
[looks as Neuteboom's car, leaning on it]
Dochter Kees: Beautiful car!
Buurman Neuteboom: It is a CX 25 GTi with an injection engine.
Dochter Kees: Injection?
Buurman Neuteboom: It is an engine that injects the fuel into the cylinders with a high pressure.
Dochter Kees: You know a lot about it!
Buurman Neuteboom: I am working at the car branch.
Dochter Kees: Oh yes?
Buurman Neuteboom: [closing the garage doors and unties Kees]
Dochter Kees: Neighbour, what are you doing now?
Buurman Neuteboom: [horny, whispering] I want you, you are arousing me.
Dochter Kees: But your wife...?
Buurman Neuteboom: [starts to wheeze hornily and fucks Kees from behind]

Autoverkoper: Sorry, Mr. Neuteboom, but the gentlemen...
Buurman Neuteboom: It is alright, Mr. Van Dijk.
Johnnie, Zoon Kees: [sit down]
Buurman Neuteboom: Good afternoon, gentlemen... what could I do for you?
Johnnie: We are after a car.
Zoon Kees: [points to the car they want to buy] The red one up there!
Buurman Neuteboom: [looks backward to the car] The BX Sport is a nice little car!
Johnnie: Yes, it seems to be for us, yeah!
[laughing a bit]
Buurman Neuteboom: As it is standing there, it is a bit rudimentary. What do you, gentlemen, think of someting additional? Light metal rims. Front and rear spoilers. Head rests. Sports steering wheel.
Johnnie: Yeah, why not? Go ahead!
Zoon Kees: Yeah, it is sportsmanlike!
Buurman Neuteboom: An electric roof... interior made of buffalo leather.
Zoon Kees: [agitated] Buffalo?
Buurman Neuteboom: It is a little bit more expensive. But I think that is not a problem for the gentlemen.
Johnnie: Not a problem at all!
Buurman Neuteboom: Maybe a full HiFi set. That is also in the budget, right?
Johnnie: Yeah, I like a good piece of music!
Zoon Kees: Go ahead. Not a problem at all!
Buurman Neuteboom: And how do the gentlemen think to pay? Cash, Diners' Club, American Express?
Johnnie: [get something out of his jacket and shows Neuteboom a photo] Polaroid!
Johnnie, Zoon Kees: [start laughing]