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Toet Flodder (Character)
from Flodder in Amerika! (1992)

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Flodder in Amerika! (1992)
Johnny Flodder: [seeing three black men beating up someone] Quite an unbalance, don't you think?
[the gang stops the beating]
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): Check this up, fellows! Who the fuck you think you are, the Partridge Family?
Johnny Flodder: Leave that man alone!
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): Who the fuck are you?
Johnny Flodder: I am Johnnie, this is my family and we're from Holland!
[Gang is laughing out loud]
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): Well, well, well, you check this out, Johnnie! You don't see fucking Holland again!
Negro gang #2 (with a cap): Yo... where's Holland?
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): It is in the Bronx, don't you know what I think?
Negro gang #2 (with a cap): Cut him, Leroy.
Leroy: Yeah... I wanna cut him.
[gets his knife]
Johnny Flodder: [is faster though, and kicks Leroy on the ground]
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): Yeah, get some fuckin' ass!
[gets his baseball club]
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): Let's get them...
[swings but misses]
Negro gang #2 (with a cap): [gets a chain and wants to hit Ma Flodder]
Ma Flodder: [wraps the chain around him, and takes some liquid, and spits in his face]
Negro gang #2 (with a cap): My eyes! I can't see!
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): [tries to hit with the club but hits one of his fellows] Fuck!
Toet Flodder, Henkie Flodder: [get a bin, turn it upside down and cover Gang #2 with it, kick him at the legs]
Negro gang #2 (with a cap): [falls]
Johnny Flodder: [hits gang #1]
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): [gets disoriented and hits Kees's boobs and then falls down]
Ma Flodder: [laughs]