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Johnnie (Character)
from Flodder 3 (1995)

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Flodder in Amerika! (1992)
Johnny Flodder, Klaus Flodder: [look on a map of New York]
Klaus Flodder: All those streets have numbers!
Johnny Flodder: Then you can tell them from each other!
Klaus Flodder: Uhuh!
Johnny Flodder: [pointing to a street on the map] Hey, look here, Wall Street! Sounds good to me!
Klaus Flodder: Wall Street? What is that?
Johnny Flodder: That is like De Walletjes. Much money is involved.

Johnny Flodder: [sees Geoffrey touching Kees's butt]
Johnny Flodder: [to the ladies]
Johnny Flodder: Excuse me, ladies...
Johnny Flodder: [gives the glass with beer to a random lady] What does that guy want from you, Kees?
Geoffrey: Oh, hello!
Johnny Flodder: Did he touch you?
Kees Flodder: He wanted to kiss me.
Johnny Flodder: [pointing to Geoffrey, in Dutch] Hey, I warn you, hands off from my sister!
Johnny Flodder: [got grabbed by two security guards]
Security guard: [throws Johnnie against a wall]
Geoffrey: Hey, hey, hey, leave him, alright?
Security guard: Are you sure?
Geoffrey: Yes!
Security guard: [releases him]
Johnny Flodder: What kind of tricks are these?
Kees Flodder: [to Geoffrey, talking about Johnnie] He is my brother.
Geoffrey: Your brother! O, look. Hey, I am pleased to meet you. I am Geoffrey. Sorry about the rough stuff, but you can't blame me for looking after your sister. You don't have to worry about me. I know how to treat a lady like a lady. And I know your sister is every bit of a lady.
Kees Flodder: He is a bit of a weirdo, but he didn't do a thing yet.
Johnny Flodder: Well, er... if he goes too far, just call me.

Johnny Flodder: [seeing three black men beating up someone] Quite an unbalance, don't you think?
[the gang stops the beating]
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): Check this up, fellows! Who the fuck you think you are, the Partridge Family?
Johnny Flodder: Leave that man alone!
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): Who the fuck are you?
Johnny Flodder: I am Johnnie, this is my family and we're from Holland!
[Gang is laughing out loud]
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): Well, well, well, you check this out, Johnnie! You don't see fucking Holland again!
Negro gang #2 (with a cap): Yo... where's Holland?
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): It is in the Bronx, don't you know what I think?
Negro gang #2 (with a cap): Cut him, Leroy.
Leroy: Yeah... I wanna cut him.
[gets his knife]
Johnny Flodder: [is faster though, and kicks Leroy on the ground]
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): Yeah, get some fuckin' ass!
[gets his baseball club]
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): Let's get them...
[swings but misses]
Negro gang #2 (with a cap): [gets a chain and wants to hit Ma Flodder]
Ma Flodder: [wraps the chain around him, and takes some liquid, and spits in his face]
Negro gang #2 (with a cap): My eyes! I can't see!
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): [tries to hit with the club but hits one of his fellows] Fuck!
Toet Flodder, Henkie Flodder: [get a bin, turn it upside down and cover Gang #2 with it, kick him at the legs]
Negro gang #2 (with a cap): [falls]
Johnny Flodder: [hits gang #1]
Negro gang #1 (with a bandana): [gets disoriented and hits Kees's boobs and then falls down]
Ma Flodder: [laughs]

Flodder (1986)
Johnnie: [showing a portrait to Ma Flodder] Mom, must he be taken with us as well?
Ma Flodder: Where did you find that? That face I haven't seen for ten years.
Johnnie: It was under your bed.
Ma Flodder: Away with that. I don't want to be involved with your father.
Dochter Kees: [approaches Ma Flodder and looks at the picture] Is that my father?
Ma Flodder: His father, not yours.

Ma Flodder: [throwing rubbish in the bin, but a toy train does not land in the bin but on the floor near the bin. The toy train breaks and something falls out. It seems to be a lot of bank notes held together with an elastic] Now what the heck?
[literally: now get the tuberculosis!]
Ma Flodder: Ma Flodder:
[takes more toy trains out of the bin, drops them on the floor so that they break. More banknotes falling out]
Ma Flodder: Now what the heck is this?
[later in the living room]
Johnnie: What the heck is this?
Ma Flodder: 825.000 guilders!
Johnnie: [amazed] In his little toy trains?
Ma Flodder: A nice piece of inheritance!

Autoverkoper: Sorry, Mr. Neuteboom, but the gentlemen...
Buurman Neuteboom: It is alright, Mr. Van Dijk.
Johnnie, Zoon Kees: [sit down]
Buurman Neuteboom: Good afternoon, gentlemen... what could I do for you?
Johnnie: We are after a car.
Zoon Kees: [points to the car they want to buy] The red one up there!
Buurman Neuteboom: [looks backward to the car] The BX Sport is a nice little car!
Johnnie: Yes, it seems to be for us, yeah!
[laughing a bit]
Buurman Neuteboom: As it is standing there, it is a bit rudimentary. What do you, gentlemen, think of someting additional? Light metal rims. Front and rear spoilers. Head rests. Sports steering wheel.
Johnnie: Yeah, why not? Go ahead!
Zoon Kees: Yeah, it is sportsmanlike!
Buurman Neuteboom: An electric roof... interior made of buffalo leather.
Zoon Kees: [agitated] Buffalo?
Buurman Neuteboom: It is a little bit more expensive. But I think that is not a problem for the gentlemen.
Johnnie: Not a problem at all!
Buurman Neuteboom: Maybe a full HiFi set. That is also in the budget, right?
Johnnie: Yeah, I like a good piece of music!
Zoon Kees: Go ahead. Not a problem at all!
Buurman Neuteboom: And how do the gentlemen think to pay? Cash, Diners' Club, American Express?
Johnnie: [get something out of his jacket and shows Neuteboom a photo] Polaroid!
Johnnie, Zoon Kees: [start laughing]