Olivia Flaversham
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Olivia Flaversham (Character)
from The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

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The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
Olivia Flaversham: Now will you please listen to me? My daddy's gone, and I'm all alone.
Basil: Young lady, this is a most inopportune time.
[Resumes playing violin]
Basil: Surely your mother knows where he is.
Olivia Flaversham: I... I don't have a mother.
Basil: [Stops playing with a screech] Well, um... then perhaps... See here! I simply have no time for lost fathers.
Olivia Flaversham: I didn't lose him. He was taken by a bat.
Basil: Did you say... bat?
Olivia Flaversham: Yes.
Basil: Did he have a crippled wing?
Olivia Flaversham: I don't know, but he had a peg leg.
Basil: Ha!
Dr. Dawson: I say, do you know him?
Basil: Know him? That bat, one Fidget by name, is in the employ of the very fiend that was the target of my experiment! The horror of my every waking moment. The nefarious Professor Ratigan!
Dr. Dawson: Ratigan?
Basil: He's a genius, Dawson. A genius twisted for evil. The Napoleon of crime!
Dr. Dawson: As bad as all that, eh?
Basil: Worse! For years I've tried to capture him, and I've come close, so very close, but each time he's narrowly evaded my grasp! Not a corner of London is safe while Ratigan is at large. There's no evil scheme he wouldn't concoct. No depravity he wouldn't commit. Who knows what dastardly scheme that villian may be plotting even as we speak.

Olivia Flaversham: You know, Daddy, this is my very best birthday!
Hiram Flaversham: Ah, but I haven't given you your present yet.

Dr. Dawson: Scoundrel's quite gone.
Basil: But not for long, Miss Flamhammer!
Olivia Flaversham: Flaversham!
Basil: Whatever.

Basil: Miss Flamchester!
Olivia Flaversham, Dr. Dawson: Flaversham!
Basil: Whatever.

Olivia Flaversham: Goodbye, Basil.
Olivia Flaversham: I... I'll never forget you.
Basil: Nor I you, Miss... Miss Flangerhanger.
Dr. Dawson: [chuckles] Whatever.

Basil: Now, Toby, sit!
[Toby doesn't sit]
Basil: [sternly] Toby... sit!
Olivia Flaversham: Sit, Toby!
[Toby sits]
Basil: Good boy...