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Lady Mouse (Character)
from The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

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The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
Dr. Dawson: Well, it's time I was on my way too.
Basil: But... umm... but I thought...
Dr. Dawson: Well, the case is over, and perhaps... well perhaps it's best I found my own living quarters.
Basil: But...
[Knock on door]
Basil: Oh, now who could that be?
[Dawson opens door; a lady mouse is standing there]
Lady Mouse: Is this the home of the famous Basil of Baker Street?
Dr. Dawson: Indeed it is, miss. You look as if you're in some kind of trouble.
Lady Mouse: Oh, I am. I am.
Dr. Dawson: Then you have come to precisely the right place.
Basil: Ah, allow me to introduce my trusted associate Dr. Dawson, with whom I do all of my cases. Isn't that right, doctor?
Dr. Dawson: Oh? Why, yes. By all means.
Basil: As you can see, Dawson, this young lady is from the Hampstead district, and is troubled about the mysterious disappearance of an emerald ring in the third finger of her right hand. Now, tell me the story, and pray, be precise.