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Quotes for
Frank (Character)
from Greedy (1994)

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Greedy (1994)
[to Uncle Joe's British "nanny," Molly]
Frank: I didn't like the Beatles and I don't like you!

Frank: Okay, Joe. Bare knuckles, toe to toe. We've spent 20 years eating your shit and saying, "Mmm, delicious! What a cook!" - no more!

Frank: What's the matter with you? Are you retarded?
Dennis: Not according to the tests.

Bartlett: I'm sure this may come as a shock.
Frank: No, shitting a sailboat is a shock, this is a fucking catastrophe!

Frank: Oh, my God, I feel so horrible, I could cut out my tongue.
Glen: Here's a knife.

Nora McTeague: Stop it! Don't you see what's happening here?
Tina: Yeah, you're out of scotch.
Frank: Oh, Tina, go lie down.

Molly Richardson: Monday nights I go to this newsstand to get the new TV Guide for Joe. He likes to get it as early as possible so he can circle everything he wants to watch.
Frank: Does he circle your ass?

Molly Richardson: You think I'm bonking the old gent, don't you?
Frank: Yeah, we do.
Molly Richardson: Let me tell you something, handsome. If I were having sex with your Uncle Joe, he'd be dead by now.

Frank: I mean look at this. Her tongue is practically in his wallet.

Daniel McTeague: I had no idea just how sick you guys were.
Frank: Come spend a day with us.
Daniel McTeague: I'd rather shove this club up my ass.
Glen: I'll do it for you.

Frank: I'm insane? For five years I begged you, "Let's put him in a home!" No, you didn't want to because you didn't have the balls! None of you have any balls!

Ed: Why don't we all agree to stop here.Let this bimbo have his money.I mean isn't our self respect worth more than any inheritance?
Frank: No.

Carl: [Referring to Danny] He double crossed us.
Daniel McTeague: [to his dad] Because they're scum.I mean they're greedy.
Frank: We're greedy.We were willing to share!

Frank: [On hearing Joe's broke] Dammit!Stupid.Stupid.We played along.We should have stepped in five years ago!
Bartlett: Two would have been enough.

Tina: [drunk] Happy birthday Uncle Joe!
Frank: That was last week.

Frank: Look at these pictures she got of Glen and that gym instructor.
Glen: [grabs photographs] That's not me.
Frank: Well it looks like you and that's all that matters.

Frank: Stop! I've got a metal plate in my head.
Danny McTeague: You do?
Frank: No!