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Quotes for
Molly Richardson (Character)
from Greedy (1994)

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Greedy (1994)
Molly Richardson: Monday nights I go to this newsstand to get the new TV Guide for Joe. He likes to get it as early as possible so he can circle everything he wants to watch.
Frank: Does he circle your ass?

Molly Richardson: You think I'm bonking the old gent, don't you?
Frank: Yeah, we do.
Molly Richardson: Let me tell you something, handsome. If I were having sex with your Uncle Joe, he'd be dead by now.

[to Frank]
Molly Richardson: I'm no more a nurse than you are a human being.

Molly Richardson: You bastard!
Daniel McTeague: I like it better when she says it.I think it's the accent or something.

Molly Richardson: As soon as he gets back from work today,I'll give him a right good one.

Molly Richardson: You tell your cousins I'm not afraid of them.And you leave Joe alone.
Daniel McTeague: You keep your breasts off his eyebrows.