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Quotes for
Bill (Character)
from Jesus' Son (1999)

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Jesus' Son (1999)
Bill: Talk into my bullet hole, tell me I'm fine.

[FH starts up a mock interview]
FH: There are some people out there who would like to know a thing or two about you. Would you describe yourself for those people?
Bill: I don't know...I'm like a fat piece of shit, I guess.
FH: He's overweight.
Bill: I've been shot twice though.
FH: Twice?
Bill: Yeah, once by each wife. Total of 3 bullets, making 4 holes, 3 in, 1 out.
FH: And you're still alive?
Bill: Are you kidding?
FH: No.
Bill: Well, that is too bad, because it makes you sound awful stupid asking if I'm alive, 'cause obviously I am.
FH: Well, maybe I mean alive in a deeper sense. You could be talking, but still not be alive in a deeper sense.
Bill: Well, there's no deeper shit than the kind we're in right now, I'll tell you that.