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Quotes for
Duane (Character)
from Let's Go to Prison (2006)

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Let's Go to Prison (2006)
[after the jury have watched a tape of Nelson robbing the drug store]
Judge Eva Fwae Wun: Mr. Hingly?
Duane: Oh, yeah?
Judge Eva Fwae Wun: You may proceed with your defense.
Duane: [whispering to Nelson] Watch this.
[Duane walks up to the jury]
Duane: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. You've all seen Jurassic Park, and yet you are aware that Jeff Goldblum have never actually been attacked by dinosaurs. Even through you've seen it with your own eyes, on a T.V. not unlike that one.
[Duane points dramatically at the television]
Duane: I rest my case!
[Nelson looks confused and shocked]
John Lyshitski: Bwahahah!