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Quotes for
Hunt Stevenson (Character)
from Gung Ho (1986)

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Gung Ho (1986)
Hunt Stevenson: [driving back from a meeting with Hunt's Japanese bosses] Want to get some ice cream? Haagen Daaz!
Audrey: Eat shit and die.
Hunt Stevenson: [pauses] Are you having your period?
Audrey: Stop the car!

Hunt Stevenson: You're a real millie, you know that?
Kazihiro: I'm no millie!

Hunt Stevenson: Is it just me or do you hate the way your shorts feel when they're wet?
Kazihiro: Actually I kind of like it.

Kazihiro: [Hunt has been offered a job by his Japanese bosses] Can we count on you?
Hunt Stevenson: Fellas... is a frog's ass watertight?
Kazihiro: [he discusses it with his colleagues in Japanese] Yes. We believe it is.

Kazihiro: None of you would last two days in management training.
Hunt Stevenson: None of us would be dumb enough to stay two days.

Kazihiro: Last night I told off my boss.
Hunt Stevenson: Good for you. Was he awake?

Hunt Stevenson: If you walk out that door, you're going to miss a great comeback. We're ready to roll here, Jack.
Mr. Sakamoto: This will never be like a Japanese factory... *Jack.*
Hunt Stevenson: Oh, yeah? You're right. You know what else? So what?
Mr. Sakamoto: You failed.
Hunt Stevenson: Really? Wanna know something? I got one of the first cars ever made here. I got *the* first car ever - I don't think I want it anymore. As a matter of fact, here
[hands keys to Mr. Sakamoto]
Hunt Stevenson: . Why don't you take the keys, ok? I'd rather have one of those cars
[points to cars in assembly line]
Hunt Stevenson: . I'd rather have one of these cars that *we* made *together,* by hand. Your guys and my guys, together. You know why? Because those cars stand for something. Those cars stand for something pretty great. I'm proud of those cars. I'm taking one.
[Turns to workers]
Hunt Stevenson: Gentlemen, I'm going home in my new car!
Hunt Stevenson: [All workers cheer and applaud, then silently pray that Hunt's new car has a working engine. Hunt starts the car, and the workers cheer. However, the car literally falls apart after about 2 yards, and the workers start to moan. Hunter gets out of the car] I tell ya, I thought it handled great!

Hunt Stevenson: [in a conference room in Japan] Hey, did you guys decorate this place yourselves? Because it's damn nice. It's real... Oriental.

Hunt Stevenson: [to Kazihiro] Hey! If you guys are so great... HOW COME YOU LOST THE BIG ONE?

Hunt Stevenson: Afterwards we have a few beers and piss for distance.
Kazihiro: For us it's accuracy.

Kazihiro: Mr. Stevenson.
Hunt Stevenson: [Lights up cigar and leans his seat back] Uh-huh?
Kazihiro: How do you think things are going at the factory?
Hunt Stevenson: Honestly, Kaz?
Kazihiro: Yes, please.
Hunt Stevenson: Not too well.
[sits upright]
Hunt Stevenson: Uh, see, you're Stateside now, fellas and to tell you the truth, you're still acting like a bunch of Yokohama mobs. No offense.
Kazihiro: None taken.
Hunt Stevenson: Can I... can I be frank, for a second? I've heard a lot of talk about, uh, how good the Japanese businessmen are.
[leans back and puts cigar in mouth]
Hunt Stevenson: Quite frankly, I'm sorry. I don't get it. I don't see it. I'm not impressed.
Kazihiro: You're fired.
Hunt Stevenson: What?
[Hunt falls off chair]
Hunt Stevenson: You can't fire me.
Kazihiro: [Gets up and pours himself some whiskey] You'll go back on the line with the others.
Hunt Stevenson: Whoa! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Explain this to me. Why?
Kazihiro: I do not understand American workers. They come five minutes late, leave two minutes early. They stay home when they are sick. They put themselves above company. You seem to feel the same way as they do.
Hunt Stevenson: Okay, excuse me, but explain something to me. When this was an American factory, production was up 10% higher than it is with you guys. Now explain that to me.
Kazihiro: Ten percent?
Hunt Stevenson: Yeah.
Kazihiro: In Japan, production in same sized factory is 40% higher.
Saito: With superior quality.
Hunt Stevenson: That's impossible. How can you guys work that fast?
Kazihiro: Japanese worker is very loyal to company. Is very proud when company does well. Is ashamed when it does poorly.
Saito: Like now.

Hunt Stevenson: [Hunt is trying to impress the Japanese executives before starting his sales pitch] I'm just crazy for your country. I mean, I love it. You know, my Dad was over here with the Army in about, uh,
[realizes what he is saying]
Hunt Stevenson: ... 1945, uh, let's get started.

Hunt Stevenson: Hey, sugarpuss, what's cooking?
Secretary: No, cooking... typing.
Hunt Stevenson: Well, is your boss in?
Secretary: Today not good day to see boss, man.
[resorting to a book of quotes]
Secretary: He between a lock and a hard on.

Hunt Stevenson: Now on these last few we might need to cut a few corners. Little things, like... Engines.

Kazihiro: In Japan, when production lags, worker stays longer in factory.
Hunt Stevenson: Okay, overtime. We can talk about overtime. I understand it now.
Kazihiro: They do not do it for pay. They do it for company.
Hunt Stevenson: Yeah, but that's there, this is here.
Audrey: Gentlemen, this is an American factory. They're never gonna go for that.
Kazihiro: Is that how you feel, Hunt, that they'll never go for it?
Hunt Stevenson: [pauses] Well, I'll tell you something. There's one guy who can get them to go for it, and you're looking at him.
Kazihiro: You can change workers' attitude?
Hunt Stevenson: If I can't, nobody can't.
Audrey: Nobody can.
Hunt Stevenson: Hey, would you shut up?
[Audrey leaves in disgust]
Hunt Stevenson: God... damn.
[Hunt briefly pauses]
Hunt Stevenson: Okay, you guys have a problem, right? I'm the answer man. I can work this out and make everybody happy. I always have. Come on, you gotta give me a shot here.
[Long pause by the Japanese executives]
Kazihiro: All right. We make no more changes for now.
Hunt Stevenson: There you go. Huh-huh, yeah.
[Hunt and Kaz toast each other]