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Quotes for
Meredith Van Aken (Character)
from The Foreigner (2003)

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The Foreigner (2003)
Merideth Van Aitken: Do you have a family?
Jonathon Cold: Yeah, I have a brother.
Merideth Van Aitken: Older or younger?
Jonathon Cold: ...Wiser.

Merideth Van Aitken: Then you are a man of principle?
Jonathon Cold: Listen. Everybody's got their choice as to how they stay alive. Some of us just don't know it.

Merideth Van Aitken: [on the phone with Cold after a hitman tried to jump him] Mr. Cold, I can assure you that the least I am is naive.
Jonathon Cold: Naivity is not what I accuse you of, Miss Van Aitken. However, arrogance does come to mind. So I'll leave you with this in mind: trying to kill me was your first and last mistake.