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Jonathan Cold (Character)
from The Foreigner (2003)

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The Foreigner (2003)
Dunoir: It was the least I could do after you killed me twice.
Jonathon Cold: Sorry about that, but you know what they say, three's a charm.

Merideth Van Aitken: Do you have a family?
Jonathon Cold: Yeah, I have a brother.
Merideth Van Aitken: Older or younger?
Jonathon Cold: ...Wiser.

Jonathon Cold: I'd say the only thing that's unexpected is that I'm still alive.

Jonathon Cold: [Dunoir tries to open the package] Don't do that. If you touch it again, I will blow your 2-inch dick off.

Jonathon Cold: Jared, aren't you a little old for this cloak-and-dagger shit?

Merideth Van Aitken: Then you are a man of principle?
Jonathon Cold: Listen. Everybody's got their choice as to how they stay alive. Some of us just don't know it.

Jonathon Cold: [to Mimms] You know, you kind of look like Ray Charles. Then again, old Ray can't shoot as good as you, right.

Jonathon Cold: You like the dollar bill?
Mimms: Dead presidents. Greenbacks. You care to expound.

Merideth Van Aitken: [on the phone with Cold after a hitman tried to jump him] Mr. Cold, I can assure you that the least I am is naive.
Jonathon Cold: Naivity is not what I accuse you of, Miss Van Aitken. However, arrogance does come to mind. So I'll leave you with this in mind: trying to kill me was your first and last mistake.

Dunoir: Now, no more bedtime stories. Where's the package?
Jonathon Cold: [sarcastically] What package?
Dunoir: [fires a warning shot near Cold's foot and chuckles] You're running out of hiding places my friend. Do you believe I found this barn through premonition? Do what you can to eliminate the innocent from this equation.
Jonathon Cold: Well, then it looks like you've been had, Dunoir. Because Meredith may have sent you to kill me, but she's already got the package, and I thought you were a lot smarter than that.
Dunoir: No, no, no, no, no. You're much smarter than that. I know you like I know myself.
Jonathon Cold: Well I'll tell you what then, why don't you go ahead and kill me? Start your own little easter egg hunt.
[nods down to Mimms' watch which is beeping]
Jonathon Cold: That sets off a homing device. Folks'll come and find you in a couple of meters.
Dunoir: That's, who'll know where to find you?
Jonathon Cold: Foreign ops.
Dunoir: Well how do you stop it?
Jonathon Cold: [smiles] You don't, it's too late.
Dunoir: [shoots the watch and grins wickedly] Son of a bitch, they know you're here: the C.I.A.
Jonathon Cold: And if there's one of them, there's gonna be more of them right behind. You can bet on that.
Dunoir: Alright, you've bought some time. I'll go to his wife, get the package, I'll deal with her, then we walk away.
Jonathon Cold: [smiles] I'd love to walk away.

Black Dawn (2005) (V)
Jonathan Cold: You see, in this business... the keys to the kingdom is weapons-grade plutonium. If you ain't got that, you ain't got shit.