Joey Germoni
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Joey Germoni (Character)
from She's So Lovely (1997)

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She's So Lovely (1997)
Jeanie: Hey Daddy, what are you doing?
Joey: Shut up and drink your beer!

[while smoking a cigarette]
Joey: We quit smoking together.

Maureen Murphy Quinn: [about to leave her family to go off with Eddie] I'll get my coat.
Joey: Bullshit! Looks like a lot of fuckin' bullshit!
Eddie: Hey, don't blame her! What difference does it make what she says, what she feels, what she thinks? For whatever reason, she belongs to me.
Joey: Yeah, you two pricks belong together.
Shorty: What, I'm a prick?
Joey: Not you. Her.
Shorty: What? Are you callin' your wife a prick?
Joey: All right. You two get out of my fuckin' house.