Lucas Nickle
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Lucas Nickle (Character)
from The Ant Bully (2006)

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The Ant Bully (2006)
Hova: Cross my heart, I will not eat you.
Lucas Nickle: Cross your heart, not your butt!

[from trailer]
Lucas Nickle: He's come to wipe out the entire colony! We can work together to stop him.

Lucas Nickle: Ah, Kraznoks!

Fugax: Does anybody know what an "AHHHHHHHH!" is?
Fugax: [Frog lands behind him and he turns around] I think I just figured it out

Lucas Nickle: Hello! Earth to ant lady! You were right in the middle of sounding like my mom!

Hova: [entering Lucas' house] Do all of your guests pass under this door?
Lucas Nickle: Well, actually, you guys are the first friends I've had over.
Hova: We are the first ones? Kreela! We're the first ones to pass under the door!
Kreela: Great...
Fugax: And to think, all of this is made from your own POOP!
Fugax: Nice...

Queen Ant: [plans have been made for Lucas] It is done. Let us continue our work.
Lucas Nickle: That's it? How long am I gonna be like this? I want to go home! Wait! It's inhuman!
Head of Council: Yes. It is.

Zoc: You know what this is? This is the potion that will make you big again. I just wanted you to take a good, long look at it. Because this is the last time you will ever see it.
Lucas Nickle: What do you mean?
Zoc: I mean there is no way I'm ever going to make you big again.
Zoc: Ever. You are a threat to every ant in this colony. Especially to Hova.
Lucas Nickle: But I would never do anything to hurt Hova. I just - I - I just wanna go home.
Zoc: Well, then, if I were you, I'd try to find help somewhere else, because there is nothing for you here. Nothing.