Hanna Fabre
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Hanna Fabre (Character)
from Ma Vie en Rose (1997)

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Ma Vie en Rose (1997)
Hanna Fabre: Ludo, you're seven. You're too old to keep dressing like a girl.
Élisabeth: Does he do it often?
Pierre Fabre: Every so often.
Hanna Fabre: We search for our identity until we are seven. I read it in "Marie Claire."

Hanna Fabre: Ludo, have I ever broken a promise?
Ludovic Fabre: No.
Hanna Fabre: All right. Then sit still. Ludo, don't you want to be like your brothers and your father?
Ludovic Fabre: No.
Hanna Fabre: I like long hair. And people who know what they want.

Hanna Fabre: Boys cannot marry other boys.
Ludovic Fabre: I know that.

Ludovic Fabre: One day I'll marry Jerome!
Hanna Fabre: I told you, boys never marry boys! Or very rarely.
Ludovic Fabre: But I'll be a girl.
Hanna Fabre: You are a boy and you always will be!

Pierre Fabre: Couldn't we cut his hair?
Hanna Fabre: Yes. We could also crucify him.

Hanna Fabre: We love our little boy. We want him to be happy.

Pierre Fabre: A girlboy, for the love of God! This is all your fault!
Hanna Fabre: You're such a prick! I don't know why I even married you.
Pierre Fabre: Neither do I.

Hanna Fabre: Boy or girl, you will always be my child.
Pierre Fabre: Our child.