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Dr. Chip Walters (Character)
from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" (2005)

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"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Nurse Zack (#2.29)" (2006)
Dr. Chip Walters: So, who's the patient?
Carey Martin: That would be me, the woman lying in bed, sneezing her guts out.
Dr. Chip Walters: Actually, you can't really sneeze your guts out. I wrote a paper on it.
Cody Martin: What grade did you get?
Dr. Chip Walters: That's not important!

Dr. Chip Walters: [Carey sneezes on his new stethoscope] EEEWW, you're getting it all boogery!

Carey Martin: So Dr. Walters,
Dr. Chip Walters: Call me Chip!
Carey Martin: I'd rather not.

Dr. Chip Walters: [on the phone with his mom] No, I'm not gonna ask if she's single. Her kids are like... my age!