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Sister Dominick (Character)
from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" (2005)

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"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Forever Plaid (#2.6)" (2006)
London: Somebody's in trouble!
Corrie: [Mimics London] Yeah Somebody's in trouble
Sister Dominick: Actually, two somebody's!
London: Who who? The creepy weird girl
Corrie: [Corrie throws London a shocked look]
Sister Dominick: No, the spoiled hotel heiress!
London: Is Paris Hilton in this class?
Sister Dominick: No, I'm talking about you. You and your friend Maddie just bought yourselves two hours of detention
Maddie Fitzpatrick: But I've never gotten a detention in my entire life?
London: Me either!
Maddie Fitzpatrick: That's because you never go to school!
London: And now you know why! Thanks to you, Mary-Margaret and I can't go to the fashion show. I hate you
Mary-Margaret: You were gonna take me?
London: Yeah
Mary-Margaret: I hate you too!

London: [after Maddie throws a crumpled-up piece of paper at Sister Dominic] Ooh, somebody's in trouble!
Sister Dominick: No, TWO somebodies are in trouble.
London: Oh! Who?
[points to Corrie]
London: The creepy, weird girl?
Sister Dominick: No, the rich, spoiled hotel heiress.
London: Is Paris Hilton in this class?

London: Look, sis, um, can I get that assignment thingy to you another day?
Sister Dominick: Sure, Lon. Any day in particular you had in mind?
London: [checks her electronic organizer] Friday won't work because I have yoga, and already on Monday. Can I have my people get back to your people?
Sister Dominick: [points up] My people are hard to reach. It's a long distance call.

London: Oh, table for two. Something with a view, please.
Sister Dominick: Certainly. Why don't you sit at table one It has a lovely view of table two.
London: Oh, I understand.
[winks at Maddie; gives Sister Dominick some money]
Maddie Fitzpatrick: Sorry, Sister. Please excuse my friend. She's new here and doesn't get it.
Sister Dominick: Well, I'm making it your responsibility to make sure she does get it. Got it?
Maddie Fitzpatrick: Got it!
[to London]
Maddie Fitzpatrick: Got it?
London: Got it! What'd I get?

Sister Dominick: Ms. Tipton, you have a comment?
London: Yes. You know, about that assignment thingy?
Sister Dominick: Yes?
London: It doesn't work for me.
Sister Dominick: Oh. Do you have other plans?
London: As a matter of fact, I do.
Sister Dominick: Well, what works for you?
London: [to Maddie] Look how reasonable she is. I don't know why you keep saying these nuns are so mean.
Maddie Fitzpatrick: Sister, I never said that. I said how much you... mean to me.
London: That's not what you said.
Maddie Fitzpatrick: Shut up!
Sister Dominick: We don't say shut up.
London: Somebody just did.

"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Books and Birdhouses (#2.9)" (2006)
Maddie: [after being punished for something London did] That is cruel and unusual punishment.
Sister Dominick: No, reading your Svetlana story was. "Gently froze to death." Give me a break!