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Quotes for
Agnes (Character)
from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" (2005)

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"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Crushed (#1.24)" (2006)
Agnes: This is so romantic. Do you like it when I feed you?
Cody Martin: Yes. Although, I could feed myself if you untied me.
Agnes: But if I untied you, you might try to run away again.
Cody Martin: No I wouldn't. And it's not because you nailed my feet to the floor, which by the way, is taking most of the enjoyment out of this tasty mac and cheese.
Agnes: Let me pull those nails right out!
Cody Martin: [Wakes up from his nightmare] Man! I just had the scariest dream in the history of scary dreams.
Agnes: What was it about, honey?
Cody Martin: AAGGHH!
Zack Martin: Hey, guys.
Cody Martin: How'd she get in here?
Zack Martin: I let her in.
Cody Martin: Why?
Zack Martin: [Shrugs] Kicks. By the way, you'd better get dressed. Your wedding's in 10 minutes!
Cody Martin: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wedding?
Agnes: [Suddenly appearing in a wedding dress] Hi, hubby-wubby!
Carey: [Showing Cody his wedding tux] Told ya it'd all work out!
Cody Martin: [Wakes up from nightmare] AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!
Zack Martin: Man, I've been watching you scream for 10 minutes.
Cody Martin: Why didn't you wake me?
Zack Martin: There was nothing on TV.

Agnes: Where'd he go?
Cody Martin: Nothing you can do will make me tell.
Agnes: Five bucks.
Cody Martin: Soccer practice.

Agnes: Excuse me. Could you play the violin when my date arrives?
Maitre'd: [Sarcastically] Of course. Then I'll ride a unicycle and juggle some bananas.
Agnes: Could you?
Maitre'd: [to himself] Could this evening get any worse?
Zack Martin: Yo, dude!
Maitre'd: Apparently, it can.

Agnes: Do you like it when I feed you?
Cody Martin: Yes. But I could feed myself if you untied me.

Agnes: You're MY little rebel.
Zack Martin: [whimpers] But, you like Cody!

Agnes: Shh, don't speak!
[puts a finger on Zacks lips]
Agnes: Your eyes speak for you!
Zack Martin: I wish they'd shut up!

Agnes: That popping noise you hear? Yeah! That's my shoulder!

Cody Martin: I'd like you to know that unlike you, I'm not enjoying your pain. Oh, hi, Agnes.
Zack Martin: Very funny, but that won't work.
Agnes: [Comes up behind Zack] Hi, Zack.
Zack Martin: ARGH!
Cody Martin: OK, now I'm enjoying it!

Agnes: [after discovering Zack is impersonating Cody on their date] You're not my Codikins! I don't like to be fooled... Zack.
Zack Martin: But I...
Agnes: I know what's going on.
Zack Martin: You do?
Agnes: Yeah. You want me for yourself.
Zack Martin: Whoa, there, girl! I hawked on your food, I pulled pasta out of my nose.
Agnes: And strangely, I loved it. And you.
Zack Martin: [Whimpers] But you love Cody!
Agnes: I know. But you are exciting and unpredictable. You're my little rebel. Agnes likes!
Zack Martin: But...
Agnes: Shh! Don't speak! Your eyes speak for you.
Zack Martin: I wish they'd shut up!

Cody Martin: Our children will be Agnes Jr and Cody Jr. Our dog's name is Agnody.
[Pulls Agnes to him]
Cody Martin: Right, honey bear?
Zack Martin: [Pulls Agnes to him] She's not your honey bear, she's my sugar muffin!
Cody Martin: [Pulls Agnes to him] Tell him you're mine, cutie-patootie!
Zack Martin: [Pulls Agnes to him] No one tells my rosie posie what to do!
Agnes: That popping noise you hear? Yeah, that was my shoulder.
Cody Martin: Oh, I'm sorry. Let me rub that for you, sweetie tweetie.
Zack Martin: [Pulls Agnes to him] No one touches my lovey bunny but me!
Cody Martin: Oh, yeah?
Cody Martin: Yeah!

Agnes: You know, I've never had two guys fight over me before. Agnes likes!

"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: A Midsummer's Nightmare (#2.22)" (2006)
Agnes: What part did you get Zackykins?
Zack Martin: Lysander; sounds like a mouthwash.

Bob: Well, whatever part I got it has to be better than Bottom.
Agnes: [looks at casting list] You're Puck, the fairy.
Bob: A fairy? I hate my mom.

Gwen: Get away from my boyfriend!
Agnes: Your boyfriend? Alright someone's getting banished now!