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"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Cookin' with Romeo and Juilet (#1.14)" (2005)
Mr. Moseby: [to Ilsa] I thought I smelled a rat, but it turned out to be a mole.
Ilsa: [confused]
[German accent]
Ilsa: What mole?
Mr. Moseby: Do you *own* a mirror?

Cody Martin: Mr. Moseby! Mr. Moseby! It's a hideous monster, and it's coming this way!
Mr. Moseby: Boys, I can assure you there are no such things as monsters.
Zack Martin: Oh, yeah? Look!
Ilsa: [enters lobby] I'm back.
[Zach, Cody, Mr. Moseby and Carey scream]
Carey: Quick, get behind me, boys and don't look her in the mol... the eye!
[Mr. Moseby tries to hide, but ends up facing Ilsa]
Ilsa: Mr. Moseby.
Mr. Moseby: Ms. Schiklegoobermeyger.
Ilsa: Actually, since you had me fired from the Tipton organization, I've gotten married.
Carey: You're kidding.
Ilsa: No. My married name is Ilsa Schiklegoobermeyger-Vanhelsingdekeppeloogerhoffer.
Carey: You're kidding.

London: Todd!
Todd St. Mark: London!
Ilsa: Todd!
Mr. Moseby: London!
Maddie: Maddie!

London: [London is walking down the staircase, looking at herself in the mirror, until she loses concentration and bumps into a tall, dark and handsome guy] Hey! Would you watch where you're going?
[he picks up her mirror and gazes into his eyes romantically]
Todd St. Mark: I am so sorry.
London: No, no, it was my fault.
Todd St. Mark: [looking at London's shiny white teeth] Forgive me for staring, but, your teeth!
[London smiles at him]
Todd St. Mark: They're like perfect little pearls!
London: Oh, thanks. You're kinda cute yourself... for a dentist.
Todd St. Mark: I wish! My dream is to attend the Zurich Dental Institute, and make the world safe from chronic periodontitis.
London: [smiles and gazes at him romantically, not paying attention to what he said] I don't know what you just said, but it sounds so...
London: medical!
Ilsa: [marching over to Moseby's front desk] Moseby! Yeah, I just wanted to see if the Japanese ambassador had checked in yet. Oh wait, he couldn't have! Because he's staying at the St. Mark!
Mr. Moseby: [gasps] That's impossible! He *always* stays here at the Tipton!
Ilsa: Well it seems he heard you were having a problem with cockerlockers. That's German for
[yelling out loud in front of guests]
[stamps foot trying to squash them]
Mr. Moseby: Well he must've heard *that* lie from the head cockerlocker herself!
Todd St. Mark: [sees Ilsa, gasps and hides] It's Ilsa!
London: You know her?
Todd St. Mark: Yeah, he runs my dad's hotel across the street. If he finds out I'm here, I'll be in *big* trouble!
London: *You're* Todd St. Mark? *I'm* London Tipton! My dad hates *your* dad!
Todd St. Mark: My dad hates *your* dad!
London: We have so much in common!
Ilsa: Todd!
[spots Todd hiding behind London]
Ilsa: Ooh, good hiding place. It was so hard to see you behind the 4-foot Cupie doll! You know your father doesn't approve of your dental dream. Or this *Tipton*! It is verboten! Come with me! Mach Schnell!
Todd St. Mark: But...
Ilsa: Dut, dut, dut!
[leading Todd to a military march]
Ilsa: Left, left,
[Todd looks at London]
Ilsa: Don't look back! Left, left, left!