Hank Evans
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Hank Evans (Character)
from We Don't Live Here Anymore (2004)

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We Don't Live Here Anymore (2004)
Hank Evans: What is the name of this dance?
Irish Dance Know-It-All: The Angry Housewife.
Edith Evans: [laugh]

Jack Linden: [stamping on his last pack] They're pissing me off, they're trying to kill me.
Hank Evans: Cigarettes don't have souls, Jack. They don't mean you any harm.

Hank Evans: [to the man who cuckolded him] It's much easier living with a woman who feels loved.

Hank Evans: Look, just love everybody you can. Love your kids, love your wife, keep the peace. Then once, just once, try fucking somebody else just 'cos it feels good. Your wife, you know, may be living exactly according to these principles.

Hank Evans: Go to school.
Sharon Evans: It's summer. I don't have to. You go to school.
Hank Evans: It's Saturday. I don't have to.

Jack Linden: Men have left their wives for other women and been happy.
Hank Evans: Until they start cheating on their new wife.

Hank Evans: It's much easier living with a woman who feels loved.

[last lines]
Edith Evans: I'm not leaving you because you're unfaith Hank, I'm leaving because I was.
Hank Evans: Look, none of that matters any more. It's over. Isn't it? Isn't it, Edith?
Edith Evans: Yeah. It's over.
Hank Evans: Well then, why leave now?
Edith Evans: Because I can.

Terry Linden: You're being published. It doesn't get any better than that, does it?
Hank Evans: It's just a poem, Terry, it's really not that important.
Terry Linden: No, Hank, it isn't. If you want important, go work in a cancer ward with people who are puking from chemo. Or teach math to a kid who's brain damaged from fetal alcohol syndrome.
Hank Evans: No, those people aren't generally that much fun to be around.
[both laugh]