Sgt. Kilgore
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Sgt. Kilgore (Character)
from Delta Farce (2007)

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Delta Farce (2007)
[repeated line]
Sgt. Kilgore: I'm gonna kill you pissants!

Sgt. Kilgore: Now, Larry, I'm appointing you as acting Squad Leader. Don't get too excited. You beat out a mongoloid and a candy-ass.
Everette: [to Bill] He called you a candy-ass.

Larry: Man, look at the size of that son of a bitch. He would of ripped you a...
Sgt. Kilgore: Get me loose! I hate Sonny and Cher.

Sgt. Kilgore: Get your candy-asses on the plane!
[Everette stands there as the others get on the plane]
Sgt. Kilgore: You deaf! Did you hear me boy?
Everette: Yes, Sir, but I'm a mongoloid.
Sgt. Kilgore: Get on the plane!