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Rahikainen (Character)
from The Unknown Soldier (1955)

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The Unknown Soldier (1985)
Rahikainen: [Hietanen has been promoted to petty officer] Well, Hietanen. Have you managed to get some pussy when you've been on vacation. Women, they like officers. I'm sure that they wet their paint right away, when they saw your stripes.
Hietanen: You can never be silent of that one God damn thing that is allways on your mind. You're such a strange fellow, Rahikainen. If we survive alive from this war I will take you to our neighbourhood where you can act our bull.

Rahikainen: [kicking the helmet of a dead Russian soldier] Hello there! Tell me if it's cold in the Russian hell!

Sihvonen: [Soldiers are passing Tyynelä's body that is laying on the ground] Where was he hit?
Salo: In the cheek. The bullet came out of the neck.
Rahikainen: That was the end of Tyynelä's war.