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Lammio (Character)
from The Unknown Soldier (1955)

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The Unknown Soldier (1985)
Kariluoto: We'll go far! To the outer limits of our dreams! How many distorded smiles others have smiled to those dreams!
Lammio: I haven't smile!
Kariluoto: But many people have! We are the generation who will change the way how the history is made.

Korpela: [the Finnish Army is retreating] I want you to arranged me a transfer to another unit!
Lammio: [confussed] What on earth? Which unit you are talking about?
Korpela: I'm willing to go to the ass of the world as long as I don't have to look at your face.

Lammio: [soldiers are whining about the food] If you don't like the food, you don't have to eat it. That is no compulsion.

The Unknown Soldier (1955)
Lammio: What is your name?
Rokka: Rokka, Antero. I ain't got no second name.
Lammio: And what is you name?
Susi: Susi, Private Susi I am.