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Sir Harry Percival (Character)
from Cat Ballou (1965)

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Cat Ballou (1965)
Sir Harry Percival: [shows her the bedroom on the train] This is the master bedroom. Do you approve?
Cat: Oh, it's swell. A regular Tintoretto!

Cat: Oh, look at that: a painting on the ceiling!
Sir Harry Percival: Oh, yes. That's a Tintoretto.
Cat: I'll say it is.

Cat: Sir Harry Percival, I presume.
Sir Harry Percival: Really, roughing it on the frontier - how delightful!
Cat: Oh, you like our wide open spaces?
[Cat remove her cape to reveal a very low cut dress]

Sir Harry Percival: A little wine with music...
[Sir Harry winds his gramophone]
Sir Harry Percival: ...a little Nineteenth Century science, Stone Age atmosphere, Cave Man passion...