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Frankie Ballou (Character)
from Cat Ballou (1965)

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Cat Ballou (1965)
Jackson Two-Bears: He's a murderer, a hired killer. His nose was bit off in a fight.
Frankie Ballou: If I was gonna be scared, I'd be scared of the fella who bit it off, not him!

Frankie Ballou: Well now, there's a game for a sheriff - liar's poker. We got our unemployed off the street and made Wolf City safe all in one brilliant stroke.

Frankie Ballou: You'd like a drink better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stub, wouldn't you?

Frankie Ballou: [coming home from a drunken brawl] ... and some of them, the very few, Stay pickled 'til they're ninety-twoooo!
[literally falls off the wagon]