Cat Ballou
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Cat Ballou (Character)
from Cat Ballou (1965)

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Cat Ballou (1965)
Cat: Some gang! An Indian ranch hand, a drunken gunfighter, a sex maniac, and an uncle!

Cat: And the first time I ask you to do something for me, like rob one little train!

Cat: Where are you staying?
Jed: On the run, ma'am. Hiding out in a crowd.

Cat: Jackson, what's happening?
Jackson Two-Bears: It's ghost sickness.
Cat: What's that?
Jackson Two-Bears: In this Indian religion, see, we believe what the gods did when they made a man crazy was they made him fall in love.

Clay Boone: We can't hold up the train.
Cat: Why not?
Clay Boone: Lots of reasons.
Cat: Name 'em.
Clay Boone: We're rustlers, not train robbers.
Cat: Well, if people didn't try something new, there wouldn't be hardly any progress at all.

Sir Harry Percival: [shows her the bedroom on the train] This is the master bedroom. Do you approve?
Cat: Oh, it's swell. A regular Tintoretto!

Cat: Oh, look at that: a painting on the ceiling!
Sir Harry Percival: Oh, yes. That's a Tintoretto.
Cat: I'll say it is.

Cat: They're trying to drive him off his ranch! They put manure in his well, they made him talk to lawyers...

Cat: Jackson?
Jackson Two-Bears: Yeah...?
Cat: Oh, Jackson.

Cat: [Looks at Frankie Ballou, lying in coffin]
Cat: Why is he smiling like that? My father never smiled like that in his whole life?
Cat: [looks in coffin again, apalled]
Undertaker: Well, he's going to smile like that forever, now. Courtesy of the Wolf City Development Company.

Jed: Ma'am, I can understand your objection to rustlin' - a girl with your background and gentle upbringing - but it's the only way we can raise money.
Cat: No it's not.
Clay Boone: Well, what do you think we ought to do that's fittin' and proper?
Cat: Rob a train.

Cat: You won't make me cry. You'll never make me cry!

[to Butch Cassidy and the Hole in the Wall Gang]
Cat: Some gang of cutthroats and murderers. We used to whisper your names when we were kids - scared to say them out loud. How sad - you got old.

Clay Boone: I think we'll go to St. Louis.
Cat: St. Louis?
Clay Boone: Yeah, St. Louis! City on the Missouri, railhead of the Santa Fe, jump off for the Oregon Trail - producers of beef, beer, shoes and, ah, good times.

Cat: Sir Harry Percival, I presume.
Sir Harry Percival: Really, roughing it on the frontier - how delightful!
Cat: Oh, you like our wide open spaces?
[Cat remove her cape to reveal a very low cut dress]

Cat: I thought you were lying.
Clay Boone: You mean I wasn't?

Cat: Mrs. Parker didn't introduce us, I'm Catherine Ballou.
Jed: I'm drunk as a skunk.

Cat: What am I gonna do?
Jackson Two-Bears: They got a gun fighter. You get a gun fighter.

Cat: What are you doing here?
Clay Boone: Looking for you.
Cat: But you're an outlaw.
Clay Boone: Sure am! Got a price on my head!
Cat: Shh...
Clay Boone: Twenty five dollars for Jed, thirty five dollars for me. Ha ha!
Jed: I want to thank you ma'am for all your help with my nephew and I.

Cat: Stay here with us. There's somebody trying to kill my father.
Jed: No.
Clay Boone: Jed...
Cat: Jed.
Jed: We'll stay, ma'am, it'll be our pleasure to do what we can.
Cat: We don't need him them.
Clay Boone: I think you do. My Uncle here ain't never shot at a man. It's against his principles.
Cat: Is that true?
Jed: Oh yes, ma'am, that's true. Neither has he.
Clay Boone: But we'll stay and do what we can. As long as there ain't no trouble.

Cat: You killed my Father!
Sheriff Cardigan: Oh, that can't be. He's been sitting right there all morning.
Cat: No, I saw him.
Man #1: He hasn't been out that rocker all morning long.
Man #2: It's a fact.
Cat: Why do you say that?
Sheriff Cardigan: Just telling the truth.

Cat: All right! You all say you love me and are beholden to me, and "take it easy Cat. We're gonna take care of you!"

Cat: Why do men always think marriage is the only thing on a woman's mind?