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Quotes for
Lorna Phillips (Character)
from Running on Empty (1988)

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Running on Empty (1988)
Lorna: ...So, now that we've determined that I belong here, let's talk about you.

Lorna: You're strange. I cut. I didn't feel like having my picture taken with those sub-humans.

Lorna: You're certifiable. You're welcome!

Lorna: You are certifiable! What is this? Some sort of smart-ass joke? You're taking cooking?
Michael: I want to learn how to cook.
Lorna: Yeah, right. You have some burning desire to learn how to make apple brown betty...
Michael: What are you doing here if you think so highly of it?
Lorna: Well, they wouldn't let me take auto mechanics, and I didn't have time to take the issue to the Supreme Court.

Michael: So, what are you doing over the summer?
Lorna: I have a job pumping gas.
Michael: You finally got the Supreme Court to hear your case, huh?
Lorna: Yeah.

Michael: They need me.
Lorna: I need you.

Michael: If you want to go back, that's fine with me.
Lorna: You're a bully.
Michael: No. I'm a liar.

Lorna: [to Michael] Why do you have to carry the burden of someone else's life?