Sarah Brown
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Sarah Brown (Character)
from Guys and Dolls (1955)

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Guys and Dolls (1955)
Sky Masterson: We have time to catch the last plane back to New York.
Sergeant Sarah Brown: People miss planes. It happens.
Sky Masterson: Yeah? It also happens that people win with loaded dice.
Sergeant Sarah Brown: I know what I'm doing.
Sky Masterson: Do you, kid?
[kisses her nose]
Sky Masterson: I don't.

Arvide Abernathy: And I never saw until now how much in love with him you are.
Sergeant Sarah Brown: I'll get over it.
Arvide Abernathy: Why would anyone want to get over the one thing you hope for from the minute you're born and remember until the day you die?
Sergeant Sarah Brown: I'll get over it.
Arvide Abernathy: Why? Because it's the greatest reward that woman or man can have on this earth? To love and to be loved?

Sky Masterson: You remember that tune pretty well.
Sergeant Sarah Brown: It keeps running through my heart.
Sky Masterson: It has words, you know.
Sergeant Sarah Brown: Something about "amor, amor" I'll bet.
Sky Masterson: It's about you. It's about you right now...
Sky Masterson: Your eyes are the eyes of a woman in love...

Sky Masterson: [after observing that Sarah's mission is doing poorly] Do I give you a fair rundown?
Sergeant Sarah Brown: I wouldn't know. I've never had a rundown.

Sky Masterson: All right. We'll lay it on the line. From now on we'll deal the hand open.
Sergeant Sarah Brown: Could you say that in English?

Sky Masterson: You know, I imagine there's only one thing that's been in as many different hotel rooms as I have: the Gideon Bible. Don't tangle with me on the Good Book. I must've read it through at least a dozen times.
Sergeant Sarah Brown: If all that was no help to you...

Sergeant Sarah Brown: You want to take me to dinner in *Havana, Cuba?*
Sky Masterson: Well, they eat in Cuba the same as we do.

Sergeant Sarah Brown: That bacardi flavor, it certainly makes a difference, doesn't it?
Sky Masterson: Oh, yeah. Nine times out of ten.
Sergeant Sarah Brown: You know, this would be a wonderful way to get children to drink milk!

Sergeant Sarah Brown: [after Sky confesses that their date is just part of a bet] Why not? You're a gambler. And darling... you are also a chump.

Sergeant Sarah Brown: Apparently you're a successful gambler.
Sky Masterson: Is it wrong to gamble, or only to lose? I'd better come back for help when I'm broke.
Sergeant Sarah Brown: Please don't misunderstand. It's just so unusual for a successful sinner to be unhappy about sin.
Sky Masterson: Besides, my unhappiness came up very suddenly. Maybe it'll go away again.
Arvide Abernathy: We can keep you unhappy, son. Give us a chance.

Sky Masterson: [reading a verse of the day card] "There is no peace unto the wicked. Proverbs" This is wrong
Sergeant Sarah Brown: Let's just say it's a matter of opinion, shall we?
Sky Masterson: I made a statement of fact. This is wrong.
Sergeant Sarah Brown: How dare you! Even if this is not a church, it is a mission! How dare you blaspheme!
Sky Masterson: How dare you misquote the Bible!