William Randolph Hearst
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William Randolph Hearst (Character)
from The Cat's Meow (2001)

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RKO 281 (1999) (TV)
William Randolph Hearst: There is nothing to understand. Only this: I am a man who could have been great, but was not.

William Randolph Hearst: My battle with the world is almost over. Yours I'm afraid has just begun.
Orson Welles: Kane would've taken the tickets.

Marion Davies: Did you need any of them?
William Randolph Hearst: I wanted them.
Marion Davies: And there is the difference between want and need.
William Randolph Hearst: Not to me.

"Rough Riders" (1997)
Secretary of State John Hay: [examining the New York Journal's account of the Maine sinking] I think you're a scoundrel, Randolph - completely without conscience.
William Randolph Hearst: What, did Freddie go too far?
Frederick Remington: You don't really think that those people blew up that boat, now do you?
Secretary of State John Hay: A naval blockade is in the offing, gentlemen.
Frederick Remington: A naval blockade is hardly a war.
William Randolph Hearst: Furnish the pictures, Freddie, and I'll furnish the war!
Frederick Remington: Very good, Willy.
Secretary of State John Hay: Well said, Randolph!
William Randolph Hearst: Thank you, Mr. Secretary.
Secretary of State John Hay: Cheers.
William Randolph Hearst: Remember the Maine, and to HELL with Spain!

Frederick Remington: [listening to Hearst dictate a report] There were no gleaming helmets! We're in the jungle.
William Randolph Hearst: Shut up and finish your painting, Freddie.
Frederick Remington: But it's not... true!
William Randolph Hearst: Truth is the first casualty of war, Freddie. You'd ought to know that.

Hearst's Man: Are you Mr. Hearst?
William Randolph Hearst: Of course I'm Hearst.
Hearst's Man: An urgent dispatch, sir - from Washington.
William Randolph Hearst: [reads it closely, and his face goes wide with excitement] WAR!
[Hearst and his entourage rush inside]

The Cat's Meow (2001)
Thomas Ince: Can I be frank with you?
W. R. Hearst: You can be whoever you like.
[laughs at his own joke]

Thomas Ince: You're a civilized man.
W. R. Hearst: Oh, and why does that surprise you, Tom?
Thomas Ince: Because you have the power to act uncivilized.

W. R. Hearst: You ever eaten a seagull, Tom?
Thomas Ince: No...
W. R. Hearst: God, they taste awful. Just like eating a crow.