Marion Davies
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Marion Davies (Character)
from The Cat's Meow (2001)

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The Cat's Meow (2001)
Charlie Chaplin: Did you really believe I would stay away?
Marion Davies: No, but you should really believe I didn't want you here.

Marion Davies: Nothing can happen this weekend.
Charlie Chaplin: So what are you doing next weekend?

Charlie Chaplin: If you were starving and you had no food, would you eat your shoe?
Marion Davies: What?
Charlie Chaplin: Your shoe. Would you eat it?
Marion Davies: Um, of course I would.
Charlie Chaplin: You would?
Marion Davies: I'd have to boil it first.
Charlie Chaplin: *That's* funny.

RKO 281 (1999) (TV)
Marion Davies: [to Hearst] I swear, you and that guy Disney, in love with the damn rats.

Marion Davies: Did you need any of them?
William Randolph Hearst: I wanted them.
Marion Davies: And there is the difference between want and need.
William Randolph Hearst: Not to me.