Gay Langland
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Gay Langland (Character)
from The Misfits (1961)

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The Misfits (1961)
[Gay is giving Roslyn a ride back to town]
Gay: You're a real beautiful woman. It's almost kind of an honor sittin' next to ya'. That's my true feelin's Roslyn.

Gay: What makes you so sad? You're the saddest girl I ever met.
Roslyn: You're the first man who's ever said that. I'm usually told how happy I am.
Gay: That's because you make a man feel happy.
[He tries to kiss her, but she demurs]
Roslyn: I don't feel that way about you, Gay.
Gay: Don't get discouraged girl, you might.

Roslyn: Did you ever think about gettin' married again?
Gay: Oh, I think about it; never in daylight.

Gay: Let's just live.

Gay: Honey, we all got to go sometime, reason or no reason. Dyin's as natural as livin'. The man who's too afraid to die is too afraid to live.

Gay: What's eatin' you?
Guido: Just my life.

[Last lines]
Roslyn: Which way is home?
Gay: God bless you girl.
Roslyn: How do you find your way back in the dark?
Gay: Just head for that big star straight on. The highway's under it. It'll take us right home.

Guido: Have you ever been outside Reno, Ms. Taber?
Roslyn: Once I walked to the edge of town; doesn't look like there's much out there.
Gay: Everything's there!
Roslyn: Like what?
Gay: The country!
Roslyn: Well, what do you do with yourself?
Gay: Just live.
Roslyn: How does anyone "just live"?
Gay: Well, you start by going to sleep. You get up when you feel like it. You scratch yourself. You fry yourself some eggs. You see what kind of a day it is; throw stones at a can, whistle.

Gay: You know, sometimes when a person don't know what to do, the best thing is to just stand still.

Gay: Honey, nothing can live unless something dies.

Roslyn: uh, you never had any idea, huh?
Gay: Nah, you know in those days I thought you got married and that was it, but nothing is it, not forever.

Gay: I just need to find another way to feel alive, that's all.

Gay: I hope your sober.
Perce: Man I have won buckets of money in towns I couldn't even remember the names of!

Gay: Damn 'em all. They changed it, changed it all around. Smeared it all over with blood. I'm finished with it. It's like roping a dream now. I just gotta find another way to be alive, that's all. If there is one anymore.