Father Chuck O'Malley
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Father Chuck O'Malley (Character)
from Going My Way (1944)

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The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)
Father Chuck O'Malley: And if you ever need anything, no matter what it is or wherever you happen to be...
Sister Mary Benedict: Yes, I know. I just dial O for O'Malley.

Father Chuck O'Malley: There's another sense, you know, Sister.
Sister Mary Benedict: Oh, don't tell me.
Father Chuck O'Malley: Yes, sense enough to know when to leave.

Father Chuck O'Malley: [having just seen the first-graders' Christmas play] Oh, their simplicity is beautiful. I wouldn't change a word of it.
Sister Mary Benedict: Oh, but THEY will.

Father Chuck O'Malley: Does she know about this.
Dr. McKay: Oh, not yet. It's very important that she doesn't know it. She has a wonderful vitality, a natural optimism, and that's the best medicine anyone can have. If that spirit is dampened, it would... it would have a depressing effect and delay her recovery.
Father Chuck O'Malley: She'll have to know about it. We... we can't just send her away without...
Dr. McKay: Don't you people, uh, more or less, uh, go where you're told without question?

Father Chuck O'Malley: [Sister Mary Benedict calls a boy named Luther to recite material] Luther? How'd he get in here?
Sister Mary Benedict: We never knew.

Going My Way (1944)
Father Chuck O'Malley: Hail, Alma Mater, thy time-honored halls shall echo with our praise till we die; and round our hearts are the ivy-covered walls of East St. Louis High.

Father Fitzgibbons: ...And I gave him my blessing
Father Chuck O'Malley: And he gave you the bird?

Father Fitzgibbons: I gave them both my blessing.
Father Chuck O'Malley: And they gave you the bird.
Father Fitzgibbons: Yeah.

"Going My Way: The Crooked Angel (#1.2)" (1962)
Father Fitzgibbon: [Discussing Eddie's shoplifting] Now, Father, I know boys. But I can tell you right now that very few of them are ready to be canonized at thirteen years of age.
Father Chuck O'Malley: I'm not disagreeing with that part of it.
Father Fitzgibbon: We're all the sons of Adam. I know that. And at Eddie's age, it's not always such a broad jump from the apple in the Garden to a can of peaches in Shapiro's Market.