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Quotes for
Alice Bushkin (Character)
from Heavy Weights (1995)

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Heavy Weights (1995)
Alice Bushkin: Harvey and I are saddened and dismayed to announce that we are no longer the owners of Camp Hope.
[the whole crowd gets shocked in disbelief]
Harvey Bushkin: Sometimes, in life, things don't work out the way you planned, and in those situations, sometimes you file chapter 9 bankruptcy.
[shreiks in agitation]
Harvey Bushkin: [struggling to get his voice] We worked our whole life, and what do we have to show? Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!
Alice Bushkin: Harvey, please stop.
[to the crowd]
Alice Bushkin: Okay, kids, out with the old, and in with the new.
[you hear some sobbing and shocks]
Alice Bushkin: Now, your new owner is gonna introduce himself in a minute. But, you know what I would like? Please, could you give us just one more Camp Hope "Hi, hi, hiya"?
Crowd: Hiya.
Alice Bushkin: God bless all of you.
Harvey Bushkin: One word of advice, NEVER LET ANYONE SIGN YOUR CHECKS!