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Quotes for
Roy (Character)
from Heavy Weights (1995)

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Heavy Weights (1995)
Roy: Josh. Somebody gonna die today.
Josh: Call 911.

Roy: Funny Josh. But really man, what happened? Talk to us.
Josh: [half-unaware] Josh was bad.
Roy: Oh man. Oh jeez.
Josh: [half-unaware] Josh now good.
Gerry: Good? Wha... what do you mean?
Josh: Must be...
[finally showing his normal awareness]
Josh: good to see my big ass again!

Roy: Josh, How ya doing man? I just saw the new nurse and she is... very attractive.
Josh: This pleases me.

Pat Finley: Who wants to tell us the lesson we learned here?
Roy: Don't put Twinkies on your pizza!

Roy: Headed to fat camp?
Gerry: No... Why do you say that?
Roy: 'Cause your fat... 'That your dad?
Gerry: No... W-why do you say that?
Roy: 'Cause he's fat too!
Gerry: Well, so are you.
Roy: I know, that's why I'm going to fat camp. I'm Roy.
Gerry: I'm Gerry. Yeah I guess I am going to fat camp.
Roy: I knew it! And that's your dad too, right?
Gerry: Hell no!
Roy: Well you're gonna love camp, man, camp is awesome. Plus, nobody picks on you because YOUR not the fat kid, EVERYBODY'S the fat kid. Just stick with me, Gerry, because I'm the man!

Roy: Lars? What kind of name is that? Where you from?
Lars: [pause] ... Far Away!

Tony Perkis: [over the loudspeakers] Time to wake up, campers! Today is evaluation day. The key word here is 'value.' Do you have any? Not yet! But before summer's over, this camp's gonna be filled with skinny winners!
Roy: "Skinny weiners?" You hear that, guys?
[all the boys laugh]

Roy: [Nicholas had just abruptly Farted right into Gerry's Face] You have one of those fish-and-chip farts there, Nicky?