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Daniel Leeson (Character)
from The Awful Truth (1937)

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The Awful Truth (1937)
[Reading his poem to Lucy]
'Dan' Leeson: For you, my little prairie flower / I'm thinking of you every hour / It would make my life divine / if you would change your name to mine.

'Dan' Leeson: Well, I guess a man's best friend is his mother.

'Dan' Leeson: Glad to know you.
Jerry Warriner: Well, how can you be glad to know me? I know how I'd feel if I was sitting with a girl and her husband walked in.
Lucy Warriner: I'll bet you do.

Aunt Patsy: [to Lucy] Mr. Leeson's a neighbor of ours. He lives just across the hall, with his mother. Isn't that what you said, with your mother?
'Dan' Leeson: That's right, with my mother. We're here on a visit. I'm in oil, you know.
Aunt Patsy: Marinated, so to speak.

'Dan' Leeson: Are you sure you don't like that fella?
Lucy Warriner: Like him? You saw the way I treated him, didn't you?
'Dan' Leeson: That's what I mean. Back on my ranch, I got a little red rooster and a little brown hen and they fight all the time too, but every once in a while they make up again and they're right friendly.

'Dan' Leeson: I certainly learned about women from you.
Aunt Patsy: [handing him the letter Lucy intended to break up with him in] Here's your diploma.