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Quotes for
Holly Dalton (Character)
from The Dalton Girls (1957)

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The Dalton Girls (1957)
Holly Dalton: You got a new lease on life, gents, so don't break it by moving!

Marigold Dalton: Holly, I'm scared!
Holly Dalton: I've been on the run for the past seven years and I'm still not over being scared. I guess if I wasn't scared, I'd be tired.
Marigold Dalton: I don't like felling scared, Holly.
Holly Dalton: You'll get used to it. The first time's always the worst.

Columbine Dalton: All these months I've been dreaming of California - it got so I could even smell the orange blossoms currying a horse.
Holly Dalton: You can't expect jackpots in every game, honey.
Rose Dalton: And you can't expect to be a lady, either! You might as well face up to it - you're a Dalton!