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Quotes for
Anita Crown (Character)
from Bad Girls (1994)

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Bad Girls (1994)
Anita: The population of the United States is over 63 million people now.
Lilly: They sure ain't here.

Lilly: Sawmill?
Anita: We sold our bodies, why couldn't we sell some wood?

Anita Crown: If your laws don't include me, well then, they don't apply to me either.

Jerome Lurie: Ma'am, I don't know how to tell you this...
Anita Crown: Tell me what?
Jerome Lurie: Well, your claim is worthless without your husband alive. See for yourself... second paragraph. Now ma'am, I'm sorry but it's the law. Surely you understand that.
Anita Crown: Yes, I understand that. I was worthless until I married. So now, I guess I'm worthless as a widow. Funny, I had some value as a whore.

Lilly: Are we going to find another saloon or what?
Cody Zamorra: I'm finished with that.
Anita: Me too.

Cody Zamorra: It takes money. Building a sawmill takes money.
Anita: I know, I'm probably just dreaming, but it's the closest thing to a plan we've got right now.
Cody Zamorra: Well, it could be that I got some... in Agua Dulce. Been wiring money there for years; over $12,000 by now.

Anita: Cody! Cody! Help!
Cody Zamorra: Leave her alone, Colonel.
Colonel Clayborne: I paid for a goddamned birthday kiss, and I'm gonna get it!
Cody Zamorra: You touch her again and you're a dead man.
[Colonel shoots twice at Cody, she shoots him in the chest]

Anita: [about Eileen] You'll see her again.
Lilly: It ain't likely.

Lilly: She ain't coming back.
Anita: She will.
Lilly: I'm going to get Eileen now, are you coming?
Anita: If Cody comes back and we're not here.
Lilly: Don't worry, she'll wait.