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Quotes for
Josh McCoy (Character)
from Bad Girls (1994)

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Bad Girls (1994)
Josh McCoy: You're dead! I just ain't killed you yet.

Josh McCoy: They put Pinkertons on your trail, you best keep moving.

Josh McCoy: What'd that reward be?
Pinkerton Detective Graves: Five hundred dollars - wired to you when we get her. My word as a Pekerton Detenctive.
Josh McCoy: Five hundred's more than I'm used to. All right. I seen that whore Cody ridin' upriver not an hour ago.
Pinkerton Detective Graves: Well hell, why didn't you do somethin'?
Josh McCoy: She's with Kid Jarrett.
Pinkerton Detective O'Brady: Hey, you sure it were Kid Jarrett?
Josh McCoy: Yeah, sure enough. I'd a done somethin' too, but I ain't no Pekerton Detenctive.