Lilly Laronette
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Lilly Laronette (Character)
from Bad Girls (1994)

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Bad Girls (1994)
Anita: The population of the United States is over 63 million people now.
Lilly: They sure ain't here.

Lilly: Sawmill?
Anita: We sold our bodies, why couldn't we sell some wood?

Kid Jarrett: What's your name?
Lilly: Lilly.
Kid Jarrett: Just Lilly?
Lilly: Lilly's enough.
Kid Jarrett: Well if you answer to it...
Lilly: Well, that depends on who's asking.

Lilly Laronette: Eileen, you don't have to throw yourself at the first old fart that comes along.

Lilly: Are we going to find another saloon or what?
Cody Zamorra: I'm finished with that.
Anita: Me too.

Lilly: Are we going to get Eileen out or what?
Cody Zamorra: How?
Lilly: I don't know, but we got you out when they were gonna lynch you.
Cody Zamorra: Well now, that was lucky.
Lilly: Look here, I don't let my friends get hung.

Ned, Jarrett Gang: Hey girlie, how about old Ned unties you and we can have some fun, eh?
Lilly: Well, then you better kill me first, because the only way I'd lay with you would be if I was dead.

Anita: [about Eileen] You'll see her again.
Lilly: It ain't likely.

Eileen: Lily! Can't you see that I was just trying to get us something passable to eat?
Lilly: Yeah, and I'm Wyatt Earp.
Eileen: Can I have a kiss, Wyatt Earp?
Lilly: Don't you go puckering up to me, Eileen.
Eileen: Oh come on, come on.

Eileen: Law of the land was the cattle could roam whever they wanted to. See that barbed wire? It gave ranchers like Tucker a chance to start out without being overrun by the cattle of the big outfits. You know, people say the West was conquered by the railroads. Uh-uh, my daddy says it's conquered by barbed wire.
Lilly: You sure a know a lot about this for a fine southern lady from New Orleans.
Eileen: Ah Lily, I ain't from New Orleans, I lied to Ben. I grew up on an East Texas grub farm not unlike this one.

Lilly: She ain't coming back.
Anita: She will.
Lilly: I'm going to get Eileen now, are you coming?
Anita: If Cody comes back and we're not here.
Lilly: Don't worry, she'll wait.