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Albert Ianuzzi (Character)
from The Dream Team (1989)

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The Dream Team (1989)
Henry: Hey guys, time for a hug?
Jack: I don't think so.
Billy: Maybe after the game.
Albert: Play ball!

[They are under a large cardboard box in the rain]
Henry: I think we should review our goals.
Billy: Review our goals. Wacko, we gotta find the doctor.
Henry: Who put you in charge? I'm in charge here.
Jack: Read the New Testament, Sparky. You'll find out who's in charge.
Billy: Get outta the way!
[They bump a pedestrian]
Billy: Albert, you step on my foot one more time, I'm gonna kill ya!
Albert: Kill the ump!
Jack: Why does a grown man have to smell like tuna fish?

Henry: Dr. Newald's going to be very, very, very upset. I'm going to have to make a full report.
Jack McDermott: You're a sick man. It's a sickness of the soul.
[flips Henry the finger]
Jack McDermott: Put *this* in your report!
Albert: Foul ball!