Mr. Washington
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Mr. Washington (Character)
from The Wash (2001)

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The Wash (2001)
Mr. Washington: [Mr. Washington recently fired Chris. Chris calls Mr. Washington's private number] Hello?
Chris: Good morning, Mr. Washington? How's your day? Good. Cause the rest of your day's gonna be fucked! You fucked with the wrong motherfucker, asshole!
Chris: I'm gonna fuckin' kill you. I'm gonna fuckin' kill you! I got the mothafuckin' AK/And I'm gonna spray everyone mothafucka round your way/I got the mothafuckin' glock!/And I'm comin' on your mothafuckin' block!
Mr. Washington: How'd some fool get my private line?
Chris: You probably wonder how I got this number?
[Razzes into the phone, and hangs up]

C-Money: Mr Washington, don't you see how hard we over here workin'?
Mr. Washington: I see how hard y'all about to try to work me.
C-Money: Yea well actually, actually me and uh-
[looks at Lil Dee and hits him]
C-Money: me and Lil Dee right here. We were thinking how its about time you start uppin' our pay.
Lil Dee: Yep
Mr. Washington: [laughs] First of all, y'all ain't thinking. Second of all, if and when y'all find uppin' in the dictionary. That's when I'm gonna up and do that. Until that day y'all need to uppin' y'alls ass over there in that line. Asshole and asshole like.
C-Money: See man I told you not come over here fuckin' with him. Man you stupid!
Lil Dee: What? Man look.