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Quotes for
Daddy Rich (Character)
from Car Wash (1976)

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Car Wash (1976)
Daddy Rich: The best place for money, is right here in my pocket.

Duane: Why don't you tell everybody how you "got so rich" Daddy Rich? This is one nigger you aint fooling! I'm onto the game you're running to these people here.
Daddy Rich: What can I do for you, brother?
Duane: The same thing you're doing for everyone else. Nothing!
Daddy Rich: Guess you don't believe in my church. The Church of Divine Economic Spirituality.
Duane: Yeah, that's right. I don't belive in it.
Daddy Rich: So, you don't belive in God?
Duane: Not "your" God. I'm a Muslim.
Daddy Rich: My God's doing all right by me. Why don't you come on board brother, and I'll take you nearer to God thy hee, and I'll show you everything it takes to make it with money. 'Cause it's better to have money than not having it. There is a good place in this world for money and I know where it is. It's right here in my pocket!
Duane: You talkin' just like a pimp!
[everyone jeers and looks at Duane with scorn]