Dee Loc
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Dee Loc (Character)
from The Wash (2001)

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The Wash (2001)
Dee Loc: Man who the hell knockin' at my door like the fuckin' popo's.
[Walks over to the door and looks through peephole]
Dee Loc: Oh shit nigga turn that shit down it is the popo's.

Dee Loc: Shit, Nigga. I paid tha cost to be the boss

Dee Loc: [answers phone] Hello?
Slim: Hey, we tha kidnappers, and we want tha money for Mr. Wash
Dee Loc: Well, how much ya want?
Slim: Uh, hold on a sec,
[turns to face]
Slim: How much we want?
Face: Tell him we want 50 cent fool
Slim: Oh, ok
[talks to Dee Loc on phone]
Slim: we want 50 cent fool uh, hold on a sec
[turns to face]
Slim: so that's what this is about, for two punk-ass motherfuckin' quarters!
Face: we want 50 thousand dollars fool!
Slim: Oh, ok
[talks to Dee Loc on phone]
Slim: we want 50 thousand dollars fool!
Dee Loc: [Dee Loc laughs and turns to friends] These guys are just plain stupid!
Slim: ...And we want the money in fresh, crisp 20's
Face: 100's fool!
Slim: oh, 100's fool!

Dee Loc: [referring to Slim and Face] These got to be the two stupidest mothafuckas.

Sean: Mr. Wash wanna see you.
Dee Loc: What he wanna see me for?
Sean: It's worse than you think!
Dee Loc: Huh? Man stall me out wit all that mystery shit and tell me what's up.