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Don Francisco Ciccio Tumeo (Character)
from The Leopard (1963)

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The Leopard (1963)
Prince Don Fabrizio Salina: And you, Don Ciccio, how did you vote on the 21st?
Don Francisco Ciccio Tumeo: [coughs up drink]
Prince Don Fabrizio Salina: What are you afraid of? There's no one else here but us, the wind, the dogs.
Don Francisco Ciccio Tumeo: Excuse me, Excellency, but that question is useless. You know that everyone in Donnafugata voted, voted 'yes'. They said you, yourself, advised those who couldn't decide to vote like that.
Prince Don Fabrizio Salina: I did, indeed. So, you voted 'yes', hmm...
Don Francisco Ciccio Tumeo: [walks up to the Prince, and then walks away] No, Excellency! I voted absolutely 'no'! No, I swear I voted 'no'! I know, Excellency, I know what you told me: necessity, unity and opportunity, Excellency. And you might be right, afterall. Politics I know nothing about, I leave that to all the others. But Ciccio Tumeo cannot be walked on! An obscure artist... poor and miserable, with holes in his pants, maybe. But benefits he's received, I promise you, he'll never forget! As you know, Excellency, it was Queen Isabella, of Spain, who was Dutchess of Calabria then, who made me study, and allowed me to be who I wanted: Organist of the Mother Church, honored by the benevolence of Your Excellency, and be a respected citizen. The years we were in terrible need, when my poor mother sent a petition up to her court, the money arrived to help us, sure as death every month! And if, today, these holy Kings and lovely Queens, were looking down from Heaven... what would they say? Would they feel that Don Ciccio Tumeo betrayed them? No, Excellency, no! Fortunately they know the truth in paradise.

Don Francisco Ciccio Tumeo: It seems Donna Bastiana is a kind of animal. She can't read, write, or tell time. She can barely talk. She's even incapable of loving her own daughter. Good for bed, and that's all. But what can you expect? You know whose daughter she is? She's the daughter of one of your peasants from Runci. His name was Peppe Giunta. He was so filthy and savage that everyone called him Peppe Cowshit.

Don Francisco Ciccio Tumeo: But even in the best kept houses secrets come out. Servants talk.

Prince Don Fabrizio Salina: You've mentioned everything - savage mothers, filthy grandfathers - but not what interests me: Miss Angelica.
Don Francisco Ciccio Tumeo: There's nothing to say. She speaks for herself. She has her mother's beauty without her grandfather's stink.

Don Francisco Ciccio Tumeo: It was a delight to watch her. Those black locks, those eyes, that skin, those breasts! No stink of manure there! Her sheets must smell like paradise.
Prince Don Fabrizio Salina: Calm down, now.