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Tancredi Falconeri (Character)
from The Leopard (1963)

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The Leopard (1963)
Tancredi Falconeri: If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.

Angelica Sedara: Listen to me. Concetta is right. To marry him after loving you would be like drinking water after tasting...
[They kiss]
Tancredi Falconeri: Tasting what?
Angelica Sedara: Marsala.
[They kiss again]

Count Cavriaghi: How big is this palace anyway? How many rooms are there?
Tancredi Falconeri: Nobody knows, not even Uncle. He says a palace in which you know every room isn't worth living in.

Count Cavriaghi: What am I doing here anyway? Concetta doesn't love me.
Tancredi Falconeri: Did you speak to her?
Count Cavriaghi: There's no point. I feel like I'm just a worm to her, and she's right. I must find a she-worm who'll put up with me.