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Julie Thurber (Character)
from Pumpkin (2002)

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Pumpkin (2002)
Pumpkin Romanoff: I think they want us to leave, Carolyn.
Julie Thurber: He's right. You two better go, Carolyn. You've caused enough damage already.
Carolyn McDuffy: No. I am a sister of AO Pi. And Pumpkin Romanoff is my guest. If it hadn't been for you sanctimonious hypocrites he would have been my date tonight. Pumpkin and I are going inside to dance.
Julie Thurber: No!
Carolyn McDuffy: Why, Julie?
Julie Thurber: You two are not... an appropriate... couple.
Carolyn McDuffy: I'm sorry, Julie. Pumpkin's not going to sit in the back of the bus anymore.

Carolyn McDuffy: I've caused everyone a great deal of grief. You were all right. What I did with Pumpkin was against nature. And now everyone is suffering because of it. I ruined rush. I ruined our charity. I ruined the formal. Kent is probably injured beyond repair. And now, AO Pi is runner-up again. I'm sorry. I'm leaving the sorority. I'm quitting SCSU. I'm transferring to a community college.
Julie Thurber: But Carolyn, you're a senior. You can't transfer to a community college. You have too many units.
Carolyn McDuffy: Then I'm transferring to Long Beach Tech.
[gasps and exclamations of horror from her sorority sisters seated around the dinner table]
Julie Thurber: Long Beach Tech? Oh, my God!
Julie Thurber: [Motioning the girls to be silent] Ssh.
Julie Thurber: Carolyn. We're having lamb chops. Medium rare, your favorite. Would you like to join us for your last dinner?
Carolyn McDuffy: No thank you, Julie. I have to get my life straight. I have to leave the lamb chops... the sisters... Kent... and Pumpkin, whose trust I betrayed. Goodbye everyone.

Julie Thurber: Now you are going to taste A O Pi perfection in the shape of hot sausages, of all shapes and ethnicities, barbecuing succulently in our backyard to which you should all repair immediately.

Julie Thurber: Oh this is the best formal the Greek Council has been to for years. Did you see how many of those giant prawns they ate?