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Quotes for
Matt (Character)
from 9 Songs (2004)

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9 Songs (2004)
Lisa: Those glasses look so ugly.
Matt: I'm trying to look ugly.
Lisa: They look stupid.
Matt: I'm trying to look stupid.

Matt: [narrating] Lisa didn't want to go to the gig that night, so I gave her ticket away. Five thousand people in a room and you can still feel alone.

Lisa: You look like a gangster like that.
Matt: I'm trying to look like a gangster.
Lisa: You look ugly.
Matt: I'm trying to look ugly.

Lisa: [after taking some speed] You are so boring today. Boring... bo-ring... I'm sure there's someone named Bo... Bo Ring. Bo Derek...
Matt: You're so fucking interesting when you start taking pills at this time of day.
Lisa: You know what, I haven't even taken any fucking pills at this time of the day. That I take every day, that I've been taking since you fucking met me.
[when Matt indicated to the bottle of pills she just took]
Lisa: I haven't taken any of those pills. Did you see me take any of those pills? You've been sitting right in front of me. Are you sitting in front of me not even looking at me? Don't even pay any fucking attention to me.

Matt: There was only a week before her flight home. She was like a tourist on holiday in London. She bought souvenirs and Christmas presents. She was happy to be leaving.

Matt: Exploring the Antarctic is like exploring space. You enter a void, thousands of miles, with no people, no animals, no plants. You're isolated in a vast, empty continent. Claustrophobia and agoraphobia in the same place, like two people in a bed.

[Lisa is standing in front of a mirror looking at her naked, skinny, flat-chested body]
Lisa: Do I look like a boy?
Matt: [sarcastic] Yeah. That's one of the reasons why I like you.

Matt: The Antarctic is the planet's memory, a memory of a time before there were people.

[first lines]
Matt: When I remember Lisa I don't think about her clothes, or her work, or where she was from, or even what she said. I think about her smell, her taste, her skin touching mine.

Matt: [narrating voice over] She was twenty one, beautiful, egotistical, careless and crazy.

Matt: [to Lisa] Forget who you are. Forget where you are.

Matt: [to Lisa] I love you.

Matt: The Antarctic 13,800.000 km2 square Km's of ICE. A continent of ICE. A place where no man had ever been until its 20th century.

Matt: The ICE sheet can be 4 km a date. The ICE found that can be half-million years old. The air trapped in the ICE. We called the climate when the ICE was formed. The Antarctic is a planet's memory. A memory of time before there were the people.

Matt: That you fly over the continent you see the journey of the ice in reverse. The sea, the Iceberg, the see Ice, the Ice-shelf and the Ice sheet. Each year the Ice inches its way from the heart of the continent to the see into which it finally melts.