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Quotes for
Lisa (Character)
from 9 Songs (2004)

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9 Songs (2004)
Lisa: Those glasses look so ugly.
Matt: I'm trying to look ugly.
Lisa: They look stupid.
Matt: I'm trying to look stupid.

Lisa: I've had one from Colombia, one from Brazil, one from Argentina... one from Germany when I was in high school. I have...
Lisa: An English boyfriend.

Lisa: Sometimes you have to have faith in people.

Lisa: You look like a gangster like that.
Matt: I'm trying to look like a gangster.
Lisa: You look ugly.
Matt: I'm trying to look ugly.

Lisa: [after taking some speed] You are so boring today. Boring... bo-ring... I'm sure there's someone named Bo... Bo Ring. Bo Derek...
Matt: You're so fucking interesting when you start taking pills at this time of day.
Lisa: You know what, I haven't even taken any fucking pills at this time of the day. That I take every day, that I've been taking since you fucking met me.
[when Matt indicated to the bottle of pills she just took]
Lisa: I haven't taken any of those pills. Did you see me take any of those pills? You've been sitting right in front of me. Are you sitting in front of me not even looking at me? Don't even pay any fucking attention to me.

Lisa: Only unhappy people are bad dancers.

[Lisa is standing in front of a mirror looking at her naked, skinny, flat-chested body]
Lisa: Do I look like a boy?
Matt: [sarcastic] Yeah. That's one of the reasons why I like you.

Lisa: [whispered] Fuck me, Matt... Matt, come up here and fuck me.

Lisa: [after snorting a line of cocaine] That was a really big lump, actually.

Lisa: The Ice is everywhere and everything. It spreads to all sides unbounded void of alien whiteness in geometric rigor. The Antarctic is highest, windest, driest continents. Its topography and dynamics is the simplest on earth. An exercise of reductionism. The iceberg is the microcosm of the Antarctica. Its fragment torn loose from the continents both substance and symbol within it's ICE the burg contains record of all ICE terrains. As it moves away from the massive ICE it gradually disintegrates. Most burgs last less than two month in an open sea.